This is funny and it really brings to light what in the heck we see these days as far as what’s in the press to keep the ball rolling.  Myself, I tire of seeing all of this and dirty laundry stories.  They all need to go to technology classes and don’t get it.  Jon does a good job on showing how ridiculous all of the politicians behavior is and the fact that we feed on this crap daily. We have serious issues here in the US, and yet we don’t seem to be able to take 10-15 minutes a day to learn something and tear ourselves from entertainment.  I watched Nightline last night and heard the entire Edwards saga and you know we really smarter people in office that can provide some real leadership and knowledge and provide less focus on “soap operas” which is about all we are getting these days.  Part of the Edwards story was good though as it did reveal some of the BS we see with folks just being what I call “blow horns” and are more impressed with themselves than the work they do. 

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I did listen to President Obama and his take on this too, and funny thing I had said the same thing before I heard him speak, we are frustrated and we have somewhat the blind leading the blind so grab another politician and see if they have anything that might stick.  I made my own contribution this week on the topic.

Grassley Sends Inquiry to Hospitals – If He Participated As an E-Patient, We Might See Some Better Questions Asked And He Could Have a Better Idea About How Health IT Works and the Value It Creates

Even those in the press are frustrated and Jon Stewart makes the point this week with humor as he always does so well.  In doing this blog I communicate with many levels from top IQ IT managers to the every day person and I do have to say those in Health IT are sitting out watching and trying to do the best they can with those who make laws and trying to show the value of not only electronic medical records, but overall healthcare IT, again once we can venture past the soap operas that consume so much of what we see today and are very entertaining, but get us nowhere when it comes to reform. 

What dirty laundry will appear next week and what will be the latest chapter?  I guess we just can’t seem to come to terms that we have a healthcare crisis in the US and entertainment prevails over education by far.  BD 


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