Once again the product lots have been expanded, so simple rule of thumb is if you open the bottle and it stinks, don’t take the pills.  Nobody has died from any of this, but there are reports of some having nausea related symptoms.  Below is a short recap of what was released in late December on the recall. 

Tylenol Arthritis Formula Recall Expanded to All Product Lots with Red EZ-Open Cap – Johnson and Johnson

The reason for the recall is a chemical that is used to treat shipping pallets and perhaps some of the chemical, vapor, etc. has been captured in the bottles.  This is what appears to be the story here as the bottles contain a “foul” smell.  The chemical has the capability to ruin the medication as well as bring on some nausea, imagevomiting and diarrhea. 

More information about the FDA recall can be found at: here  Additional information can also be found here.  Regular Tylenol is still ok and the recall is for the specific “Arthritis” formula.  BD 

NEW YORK -- Johnson & Johnson expanded a recall of over-the-counter medications Friday, the second time it has done so in less than a month because of a moldy smell that has made users sick.
The broadening recall now includes some batches of regular and extra-strength Tylenol children's Tylenol, eight-hour Tylenol, Tylenol arthritis, Tylenol PM, children's Motrin, Motrin IB, Benadryl Rolaids, Simply Sleep, and St. Joseph's aspirin. Caplet and geltab products sold in the Americas, the United Arab Emirates, and Fiji were recalled.

A full list of the recalled products is online at www.mcneilproductrecall.com.

Johnson & Johnson expands Tylenol recall - latimes.com


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