This is a great video and talks more about how regenerative medicine works.  There are 15 people or more walking around with bladders that were grown.  image

60 Minutes a while back did a great video too on what happens in Wake Forest with growing organs.

I did an interview a short while back with Cook Medical discussing their technologies with regenerative medicine in building scaffolds.  If you remember the man with the “magic pixie dust” that grew a portion of his finger back, well that was technology from Cook, more on the pixie dust further down here. 

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

If you want to go a little further with what they are doing, you can read about the rabbit penis that was grown, implanted and produced off spring.

Regenerative Medicine News – Fully Functional Rabbit Penis Created That Works

What is great about this video is that he explains the difference between scaffolding techniques and when stem cells are needed.  All regenerative medicine does not need stem cells as you are using more than one type of cell.   One of the most exciting areas of regenerative medicine is the clinical trial in Australia, using stem cells for women who have had their breast remove, a chance to grow them back, amazing.

Regenerative Medicine: Clinical Trial To Begin with Women in Australia Using Stem Cells To ReGrow Breasts – Has Been Successful with Pigs

The video below is from a year ago and is also a great video explaining regenerative medicine and you can see the man with the magic pixie dust here. 

From a post in May 2008…


A certain 69 year old Lee Spievak lost half an inch of finger to an aggressive model plane blade, and doctors had little hope for the appendage. Lucky for Lee, his brother Alan works in the field of regenerative medicine, and sent him some powder (which lee calls "pixie dust") to apply to the finger. Four weeks later Lee had grown back the entire finger, as good as new. The pixie dust is actually  modified cells scraped from the lining of a pig's bladder cleaned into a general-purpose tissue generator -- the cells basically tell the body to grow instead of scar. Doctors have high hopes for the cells, for everything from amputees to burn victims to cancer patients

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