Bill Gates has been in the news quite a bit of late and the Daily Show has another opportunity.  Jon asks all about Twitter and how Mr. Gates is doing.  You know what is very cool here is Mr. Gates saying “I’m new to Twitter”, so he’s working with software and learning value from software Microsoft didn’t create, a mode of respect from those who write code for each other. In code world everyone who writes has respect and good things to say about others who write a good piece of code.

He has a new website if you have not seen it yet, “What’s been on my mind lately”. 

Here’s a tweet from today.


Bill Gates answers many of Jon’s usually funny questions and then goes into the world of “education”, which we know we all desperately need.  Jon asks him now that he is not actively working at Microsoft if he can go out and get an iPod now.  They discuss how change in education is so difficult to change and reform and then discuss the work of the foundation for healthcare in the world and Mr. Gates agrees, the pay system we have is nuts, more pay, more potentially unneeded expense and doctor/patient time.  BD

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I do feel honored too that I have had the opportunity here on this blog to interview some of the healthcare executives from Microsoft in the last year.

Steve Shihadeh, VP Microsoft Health Solutions Group – The Amalga Software Solution for Aggregating Hospital Information (Interview)

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Life Sciences Today and in the Future – Interview with Michael Naimoli

Bill Gates stayed around this time too after the last appearance made in 2007 on the Daily show.  Humor and laughs here, but also some good insight too!  BD


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