The US Navy Hospital ship is docked in Baltimore and when not in service only carries a very limited crew, thus a bit of a delay to get the ship rolling.  It plans to take imageoff this weekend full staffed with a crew of 900.  People will be airlifted to the ship for care. 

It will take the ship about three and a half days to reach Haiti once it sets sail.  The ship is fully set up to do CAT scans, X-Rays and surgeries.   Doctors without Borders are also setting up inflatable hospitals to help.  I heard on the news last evening some very disturbing accountings that “bodies” are being used to create roadblocks. With things beginning to get a little more anxious and put yourself in the same situation, all news accountings say the Haitians have been extremely patient and cooperative.  CNN also stated one other item that was a bit unsoothing in the fact that bulldozers were being used to move bodies?    Donate and help the cause by all means and that last statement is more than enough to see why help is so badly needed.  BD 

No Hospitals Remain in Port-au-Prince Haiti All Collapsed or Are Abandoned – Inflatable Hospitals Are On the Way


BALTIMORE -- The flurry of activity on Pier 11 in Baltimore began Thursday, as the USNS Comfort prepared for its latest mission -- to aid in the relief effort following Tuesday's massive earthquake in Haiti.

The 894-foot-long ship, described as a "floating hospital," holds a trauma facility equipped to treat up to 1,000 patients at a time. Haitian patients are expected to be transported aboard by helicopter.

Inside, the ship holds many of the trappings of a landlocked hospital. Its lime-green halls are filled with gurneys and operating tables. It also carries X-ray machines, neonatal incubators and a CAT scan unit.

Heather Pulliam, the Comfort's assistant lead petty officer for nursing services, said her husband, a Baltimore police officer, gave her some blunt advice on how to deal with the tragedy once she arrives.

"Pretty much, suck it up," said Pulliam.

Navy hospital ship Comfort prepares to aid Haitian quake victims | World News - -


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