The system was such a success with the iPods, that the hospital is going to upgrade to iPhones soon.  There were no issues with even the older nurses adapting and imagethe alerts are more reliable than what they had with the pagers.  To make it simple, there’s some canned questions and answers to be given, however, they can text in any message they desire.  The move to the devices has combined a couple devices into one, less for the nurses to carry around. 

The nurses can exchange information on patients without having to use a phone.  The article states the system is the “Facebook” application for hospitals, with full privacy of course.  BD 

From the website:

Voalté is redefining hospital mobile point-of-care communication by providing a complete solution for voice, alarms and text messaging on a robust expandable platform - the Apple iPhone. The resulting improvement in clinician workflow leads to better patient outcomes and improvements in nurse job satisfaction.”

ASADENA - For nurses at Huntington Hospital trying to juggle multiple patients and help manage a wide variety of sicknesses - now there's an app for imagethat.

The Pasadena hospital is the first on the tech-infatuated West Coast to replace beepers with iPod touches armed with the new Voalte One system. The system lightens the burden for nurses already carrying a heavy patient load and too many electronic devices, according to hospital officials.

"Our nurses were carrying hospital provided pagers, wireless phones, separate pagers designed to alert them of critical-patient alarms," said Ron Rutherford, a registered nurse and Huntington's director of information. "There were too many bells and beeps requiring attention - not to mention their pockets were literally overflowing with electronic devices." 

Voalte can best be described as a Facebook application for hospitals. But instead of nurses posting mundane status updates about what they ate for dinner or pictures of their kids, they can exchange patient information without ever picking up a hospital phone.

"Being able to text for non-emergent issues frees up our phones for emergency calls," said Eunie Lee, registered nurse at Huntington Hospital.

Huntington Hospital upgrades nurses' communications - Pasadena Star-News


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