One smart hospital bought in here and is having almost 100% compliance.  I have talked on several posts about the technology answer here.  You can visit the linkimage here and listen to the staff themselves talk about it, and guess, they like as it makes it easy, which is what we need to do with all technology, make interaction and use easy!   I am not sure by the video at the link if this is the system being used, but if not, very similar in what is accomplished.  

Real Time Monitoring of When you Washed your Hands – Don’t Touch that Patient Until You Have Washed Your Hands

The technology just might prove to be more efficient than human spies checking for compliance too, and if you look at cost by comparison, I think technology might win out here, something those looking at the expense of healthcare might want to entertain, how technology saves money for those who are still in “tech denial” today.  This is smart and makes perfect sense here and hopefully some of those a few years ago that used to “run for the hills” when they saw a Tablet PC in action might have some second thoughts, and yes that really happens, CEOs, other clinical workers, patients, you name it run, hide and don’t even want to see what technology can do for them.  Ask me as you can immediately recognize the look of fear and disinterest in about 10 seconds, ask me (grin).  BD 

You can also read more here about the  hospital in Virginia that implemented the system. 

This is more about empowering the patient, the physician states this flat in the video and again discusses how compliance is all about making it convenient for busy healthcare workers.  BD 

Epidemiologists are using a small, wireless sensor to detect whether hospital workers have properly washed their hands. Worn like a name badge, the sensor detects the presence of ethyl alcohol - the main ingredient found in hand sanitizing solutions used in healthcare facilities. A wall-mounted sensor by a patient's doorway sends a signal to the wearable sensor, indicating that it should perform the check. The worker places his or her hands in front of the sensor-a red light indicates more washing is needed; a green light means alcohol fumes from the sanitizer are detected.

Cleaning up Hospitals - Epidemiologists Clean Things Up with Hand-Washing Detector for Healthcare Facilities


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