When it comes to using technology and having a facility that has all the modern conveniences, who wouldn’t want to work here if you are on the clinical side of healthcare.  This is another view of how things operate and what I like seeing is the robot, making deliveries to the nurses station.  In addition, look at the operating room commitment to interventional procedures, 5 surgical rooms.

I have posted here about El Camino a few times with their brand new facility up and working, complete with a genomics center and they also used Microsoft Amalga during the H1N1 Swine flu time period to allow us to track and see where cases were being reported.

Also with the use of technology in the ICU, at the end of the beds is a monitor that translates for the doctor and staff, so if the patient does not speak English, doctor talks and patient hears it in their language.  This video has captured some great examples on showing how it works, in other words seeing it in actions versus just reading about it, so you can see the automated biometric check in, the robots moving and staff communicating and more. 

 imageOf course there’s a view of the Da Vinci Robot, and the facilities director explains how much of the technology, like wireless, lives in the ceilings and the walls, thus you don’t see as many devices sitting around.  The hospital is quiet too, that was achieved with special design as well.  The link below has another video with additional birds eye views of additional technology use.  BD   

Patients at El Camino Hospital Check in with Biometric Authentication – Patient Security


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (KGO) -- It was promised to be the hospital of the future and now that it is up and running, the new El Camino hospital facility in Mountain View is employing a complex mix of high technology and new innovation. 

Strolling into El Camino Hospital in Mountain View these days is a bit like stepping into the future. It is a place where nurses and staff are linked together with Star Trek-like communicators.

El Camino Hospital filled with new technology seems futuristic - 1/26/10 - San Francisco News - abc7news.com

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