This is pretty interesting to say the least, as they want to move the frequencies over to “white spaces”.  Way back when wireless was brand new, a lot of folks used imageto have fun with with white spaces as nobody cared then and there were not enough uses to make a difference.  The ones affected by this ruling are the broadcasting services on television, maybe everyone will be wired again until they can figure out who gets what space out there.

We won’t be able to buy one either, but Microsoft and Google and others want us in the white space anyway, so not to worry long.  If wireless capacity is to grow, white space is the place.  BD 

The FCC today ordered wireless microphones to vacate a wide swath of airwaves that were auctioned off two years ago. The wireless microphones--used during TV broadcasts, sports events and concerts--are moving to make way for more advanced wireless services and public safety communications.

As of now, no more microphones will be sold to consumers, and all wireless microphones have to stop operating in those frequencies by June 12--the one-year anniversary of the transition to digital TV.

FCC orders wireless microphones out of airwaves - The Hill's Hillicon Valley


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