I am actually glad I ran across this as my scanner is acting up and looking at buying another big flatbed monster to sit in my office was something I was really giving imagesome though too.  I read through the review here and looked at the website and over all it looks pretty neat.  Anyone who has worked with document management software and scanners knows the routine here, as is done with Paper Port as an example.  You have desktop software that works with the scanner.  The HoverCam looks like it stands to be a multi solution product. 

It works on both Mac and Windows too, and when you are finished scanning, use the camera and have a nice video conversation on Skype as it also has a built in microphone and is “cloud ready”.    The price is reasonable too.  I walk into many physician practices who are scanning charts and repots to pdf files all day long and they have that flatbed monster sitting there too.  I would think this would be a welcome addition, fold it up and put it out of the way when you are not using it.  The review says it automatically crops, so what more can you ask for.  The software being used here is Adobe Air, which is free. 

One more item worth mentioning too is that it also becomes a visual presenter in conference room, and what do we pay for those projectors, hint, they are not cheap so that even makes HoverCam even better looking.  I think I need to get one of these.  No more rolling parts in the scanner to break too.  The video below shows the software and sample use.  Good looking stuff.  BD 

The USB-powered HoverCam all-in-one scanner is designed to put the flatbed scanner to sleep – permanently. It takes a snapshot of the document placed beneath its lens in a split second, much like a camera, as opposed to the more drawn-out method of traditional scanners – and takes up much less desktop space than a flatbed. The manufacturer, California-based Pathway Innovations and Technologies, says the HoverCam’s capabilities make scanning, faxing, emailing, archiving and organizing files a quicker, neater and more enjoyable experience.

There are two models to choose from: HoverCam X300 (2MP, maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 (150dpi equivalent) – good for home use, and the HoverCam X500 (5MP) which has a maximum resolution of 2544 x 1936, or 600dpi equivalent. More often than not, 300dpi is good enough quality to publish, archive, etc.


Having a built-in microphone allows the HoverCam to be used as a visual presenter in conference rooms or classrooms, and also works with Skype to allow real time video shows and teleconferences, even in low light.The home-use HoverCam HoverCam X300 sells for US$139.99. The office-use X500 sells for US$199.99 and the HoverCam CardPro is listed at US$79.99

HoverCam: the scanner that works like a camera


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