This is great making rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke portable.  In the video he mentions teaching hospitals using devices to help that are not portable, and I covered that a short while back as there’s a clinical study going on at UCI here in southern California with such a device.  image

Free Robotic Stroke Therapy to Be Offered at UCI – Clinical Study

There’s also another device made by a company by the name of Saebo with similar efforts.  Great news for those after having a stroke with new ways and technology to regain use of their arms and hands! 

Medical-device maker Saebo Retrains Stroke Patients To Regain Use of Hands and Other parts of the Body

To find out more you can read the entire interview at MassDevices on how their product works.  BD 

Steve Kelly's spent three decades watching new technology that originated in consumer electronics wreak havoc on well-established industries. The CEO of Myomo Inc. bore witness as new technologies redefined the home computing market in the 1980s, the telecom space in the 1990s and the changes voice-over-IP technology brought to telephony in the last decade.

MassDevice Q&A: Myomo CEO Steve Kelly | Medical Device Industry Features & Profiles - MassDevice


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