I caught wind of this today earlier with a tweet and picture on Twitter from our Governor.  I wonder how many other states have a governor that uses Twitter?  imageGetting back on track here, this is a pilot program with Molina Healthcare, headquartered in Long Beach, California.  

Cisco Systems has contributed 10 million to the project whereby 15 sites will be able to offer video, audio and medical information via the internet and be close to having an in person visit.  Cisco also has a couple vans that are traveling all over the US and there’s a video below that tells the story on what technology is there both with mobile and other technologies. 

In past posts I have also posted about United Healthcare and their millions they have invested with Cisco for their telehealth project. 


From the Molina Website:

“Working as an emergency room physician, in 1980, Dr. Molina realized that the needs of the less fortunate were being underserved. He opened a clinic in Long Beach, California where he cared for patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Over the years, Molina Healthcare has expanded this legacy. Our coverage now includes ten states across the country. Over 1.2 million people who depend on government assistance for their healthcare trust the quality and affordability of Molina Healthcare's Medicaid and Medicare plans.”

Cisco and Healthcare Technology – Hospitalist Avatar And Other Technologies On Display 

For the demonstration a physician conducted a visit with a patient over 500 miles away.  BD 

Doctor house calls may be a thing of the past, but these days, doctors and patients can interact with a 21st century twist.

On Friday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger joined networking giant Cisco Systems and Long Beach-based Molina Healthcare Inc. as they announced a telemedicine pilot program which, when fully in place, will allow a patient to be seen by a specialist hundreds of miles away.

Partnered with Molina, two community health centers in San Diego and the state of California, Cisco will help provide health and wellness services to underserved communities throughout the state.

According to John Chambers, Cisco's chairman and chief executive officer, the technology will allow patients, such as the elderly, to be seen in the comfort of their own home, cutting down on the many different locations of doctor visits.

More than 15 sites will be equipped to deliver telemedicine primary and specialty care services using Cisco HealthPresence. All sites are expected to be fully operational within six months of Friday's announcement.

During the demonstration at the news conference, the doctor was able to examine a patient in Sacramento, some 500 miles away. He examined her eyes, a skin lesion and listened to her heart. Her vital signs were sent to the doctor electronically.

A new way to see your doctor - ContraCostaTimes.com

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  1. There definitely is a need for specialist to assist those in rural areas. I'm glad other communities can reserve the same healthcare as those in metropolitan areas.


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