You can take a look here and base your own opinions.  These are the same companies that invest millions in technologies at the blink of an eye, but when it comes time for charity, to me anyway, it looks pretty slim.  Granted all the donations to Haiti are badly needed and appreciation for every dollar sent is there, but again when you look at how and where the current business models run, I just think they could do a little better.  We have many celebrities that on their own have donated a million on their own, companies who are struggling for their own existence, doing more.  I posted this a couple days ago where I commented on companies like Go Daddy, who are small in size by comparison to the insurance behemoths kicking in half a million, well you get the picture there.   

US Banks and Companies Donate to Haiti – Banks Should Give More and Hold Down Bonuses

UnitedHealth Group Inc. of Minnetonka, Minn., donated $100,000

Hartford, Conn.-based Aetna Inc.'s Aetna Foundation is providing $10,000 grants to each of six organizations to help fund their relief efforts.

The CIGNA Foundation, part of Philadelphia-based CIGNA Corp., donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross and said it would match another $50,000 in employee donations.

Let us not forget these are the companies we rely on for help to pay the bills when we are in need.  I included this widget for a quick update on where the situation is in Haiti.  You can read the entire list at the link to the story and I included just a few which are based to grow a bit, depending on what their employees contribute.  I know they all have good people working as employees, and for dollar amounts to increase,and in many instances it rests on the employees’ backs to make the amounts grow based on the algorithms put in place for these charitable programs to grow.   BD 

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Several insurance industry companies have pledged donations and other types of assistance following Haiti's worst earthquake in more than 200 years.  The death toll from Tuesday's magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which devastated much of Haiti's capital city of Port-au-Prince, is expected to exceed 100,000, according to reports.

Insurance industry companies pledge funds for Haiti | Business Insurance


  1. Its really great if someone takes the initiative to help.. Many thanks to all those


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