That’s right you read the headlines correctly here, E-coli is back in the dough but the good news is that none of the product was released from the factory so imageretooling and testing the dough.  Nestle says the production of the new dough will begin January 25th, so in the meantime there may be a shortage on the dough.  The company says there’s no difference in the taste so if you need cookie dough, grab it now (grin).  BD  

Cookie dough addicts may need to find a temporary fix for their sugar craving: A change to the manufacturing process for Nestle Toll House cookie dough could lead to shortages in some stores.
Nestle USA halted production of the popular dough Wednesday as it converts its facility in Danville, Va., where the dough is manufactured, to one that uses heat-treated flour -- a change the company says will "enhance the safety" of its product.

On Jan. 11, Nestle informed the FDA that two samples of dough the company had taken at the facility tested positive for E. coli. The product never left the factory so a recall was not issued, Nestle said.

Cookie dough shortage feared -

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