This shows some very neat technology.  First of all we have the virtual assistant, which I have talked about before on the blog. 

Microsoft Does Talking Heads – The Virtual Assistant

Cisco and Healthcare Technology – Hospitalist Avatar And Other Technologies On Display

The video is pretty cool starting with the virtual assistant “clearing the glass”. 


If you have not read up, check the link out below and see how many millions United Healthcare has invested with Cisco.

UnitedHealth To Spend Tens of Million of Dollars with Cisco to Build Nationwide Telehealth Network


I like the use of Surface in here too with the 2 prescriptions on the table and Surface detects an adverse reaction.  This is not too far off and Moore’s law seems to be barking right at the door.  BD 

Cisco's vision of the future - Video - Technology


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  3. While I really think this technology is exciting and could help patients a great deal, the virtual doctor CGI character is so tacky. If you want to present information to someone, just do it in the most straightforward and easy to understand manner. It's insulting to be made to listen to a cartoon.


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