I caught a few minutes of the announcement today thanks for tweecast.in and listened as Governor Schwarzenegger joined the occasion for some opening imagecomments.  He stated that California receives half of the grants in the US as relates to stem cell research.  I follow the governor on Twitter, thus found the announcement for the live web cast. 

The Burnham Institute is both here in California and in Florida and is one of the top 4 institutions for NIH grant funding as well.  In 2008 Mr. Sanford donated 30 million to the San Diego facility for research in regenerative medicine a couple yeas ago, in other words where human body parts are grown and implanted.  You can search this blog and I have a ton of information on what is being done with regenerative medicine, including Dr. Oz taking a tour of Wake Forest, and interviews with Cook Medical speaking directly to their executives on how they are developing and how their products are used to create life saving technologies. 

The governor was interesting on his part and comments afterwards, as they discussed how he’s a “hands on” person, coming in, looking at what’s going on, looking imageunder the microscope and so on.  He had a high level of curiosity and that’s what it takes to spread news and education, folks that participate at some level.  He also emphasized how research is going to be key on creating new jobs, new kinds of jobs. 

The Burnham facility has been ranked as #1 worldwide in biology and biochemistry.  The new name will be the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute.  This is great and my own personal comment here is the fact that for 8 years we had a President who I call a “non participant” that put the lid on stem cell research that is now saving the lives of many, and goes to show what lack of education, curiosity, and flexibility at the top of the helm leads too, and unfortunately we still have so many like that floating around today that others who do participate have to work on educating in this area.  As stem cell research evolves we will continue to see how that decision alone hindered and stalled cures for cancer and other diseases in the US.  BD  

SAN DIEGO -- A South Dakota businessman pledged $50 million to the Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla, which will be renamed for the donor, it was announced Tuesday. 

The gift from Denny Sanford, who gave $20 million to the institute to create the Sanford Children's Health Research Center at Burnham in 2007, will result in the renaming of the larger institute as the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute.

"Since the Sanford Children's Health Research Center was established, I have had the opportunity to observe the incredible research being conducted by Burnham scientists," Sanford said. "With this gift I have challenged others to join me in supporting this life-changing science." 

Burnham Institute In La Jolla To Be Renamed - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego


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