This was a pretty neat story until now, the owners of the building where the doctor’s lease space now claims the meteorite belongs to them and is making plans to imagerecoup the rock from the Smithsonian.  In case you missed the original post here’s the link and there’s a couple videos that tell the story. 

Doctor’s Office Gets Hit By A Meteorite – Nobody Hurt in the Exam Room Where It Landed

It was fully verified by scientists and the local news agency in Virginia took it to the Smithsonian.  It came through the roof and the firewall and pushed ceiling tile into the carpet and into the floor; lucky neither doctor nor patient were in the exam room when it came barreling in.  This was the 4th recorded meteorite to fall in Virginia. 

It moved at 223 miles per hours and it weighs just over a half a pound, not big at all, but one heck of a lot power when arrived.  BD


Who is the real owner of the meteorite that crashed into a doctor's office in Lorton, Va.?

The doctor's, not surprisingly, said they are and they handed it over to the Smithsonian.

But the landlords of the building where the doctor's office is said the meteorite belongs to them.

They told the Smithsonian they're coming to take it back.  Right now the Smithsonian says it's holding on to the space junk until ownership is established

Ownership of Meteorite in Question


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