I could help this case and perhaps the duck may get his job back.  If you have not imageread the news yet, the Aflac voice was fired due to his recent comments that were perhaps not in the best taste in view of what is happening in Japan right now.  He did apologize and hopefully that has been accepted.

In the meantime, I had to dig up this old video and song.  Could the Medical Quack be the new duck?  I have been a Duck for many years and have lots of experience quacking and if you read this blog often enough, you know all about itSmile 

I Want a New Duck

Everyone should have a duck in their life according to this video and as his owner states, maybe people wouldn’t be so mad all the time.image

Everyone Should Have a Duck to Ride Shotgun!

Ducks even get the President’s attention when nobody else can, and yes I have a cell phone that quacks too.

President Obama Gets Interrupted by a Duck – Cell Phone That Is

Here’s the Duck…Should the Medical Quack become the Aflac duck??  BD




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