There were a lot of nice comments about the doctor on the page but re-using equipment as such as we all remember can spread disease.  Again, it’s hard to tell why he directed staff to re-use the devices and thus until things change his license has been suspended.  Patient who went to Dr. Kaplan are advised to get tested for HIV or hepatitis.  The case still needs to go to court.  BD 

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Doctor Michael Kaplan is a board-certified urologist specializing in prostate cancer and vasectomies. Patients spoke highly of him but the board of medical examiners allege he broke the law and put his patients at risk.image

There were no cars in the parking lot and no lights on at Dr. Michael Kaplan's Green Valley office Wednesday. On Monday night, Kaplan's medical license was suspended by the State Board of Medical Examiners.

But in the suspension summary, Kaplan's staff told FDA and medical board investigators he told them to re-use plastic endocavity needle guides for prostate and rectal biopsies starting in December. When questioned about it, Kaplan admitted to directing his staff to re-use the guides several times even though they were for single-use only.

Doctor's License Suspended for Re-Using Medical Devices


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