In case you missed the news last week, more at the link below.  MediSys is one of the largest Medicaid managed car plans in the state of New York.  The board has imagenamed the CFO to the CEO position.  The board also plans to continue meeting to discuss additional steps and processes that may be needed. 

New York Health/Hospital System CEO and 2 State Senators Charged with Fraud-Funneling Illegal Payments to State Lawmakers

The 2 state senators have been charged but have not entered pleas yet.  David Rosen has been in the system since 1970, so you might say this was pretty much his career with the hospital/managed care company.  BD 

A hospital executive who has been accused of bribery in a federal corruption investigation has been ousted by his board and replaced by his second in command, the board announced on Tuesday.

The executive, David P. Rosen, 63, chief executive of MediSys Health Network, was among eight people, including two state legislators, charged last week by federal authorities in Manhattan with participating in bribery schemes. In his case, prosecutors said the scheme revolved around getting favorable treatment from state officials for his health care organization.

David Rosen, Facing Charges, Is Fired as MediSys Chief -


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