It was only a month ago we had the Ethicon wound sealing adhesive products recalled and here’s one more.  Years ago when I was in logistics, I used to deal with a J and J facility and they were at the time very attentive to their receiving policies and contamination.  Of course at that time I had a boss that tried to get me to talk them into taking product where imagewrapping had been stripped off or hit with a forklift.  That stuff I’m sure goes on as the carrier eats a lot of cost if the product is contaminated and you have to get the folks on the freight platforms to do their work better.  So what I am saying here is that if product as such could have been received and somehow got out the door to fill orders before the carrier returned, this could happen, I seen it happen. 

J&J Unit Recalls Wound-Sealing Adhesive And Hernia Treatment Product-Ethicon

This company really need a coordinated recall system.  Even if the product doesn’t have any affect on consumers directly, the mounting items of items in the news certainly is not a very big help at all. 

Bar Codes anyone???

Hospital IT guy likes it here too, from Twitter!


Again, Johnson and Johnson with all their products in so many different areas of healthcare could sure stand to build consumer, doctor and business confidence about now and it sure beats being the BP of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and my bar coding idea still stands.  There’s a link below where you can pull up the quite lengthy listing, a big hassle once again!  Here’s also the lack of readership too from the FDA on doing a better job of this, it is what it is.

FDA Looking for Public Input on How They Communicate With the Public-In My Case They Don’t Relative to Using Bar Codes for Device, Drug and OTC Products Recalls

It’s sad that technology is there and available for design to help the situation but the fact that we have a lot of either luddites and/or dead ears still exists.  BD 

Ethicon Inc., a Johnson & Johnson co., is voluntarily recalling hundreds of thousands of surgical drain products after customers complained that the packaging might not be sterile. The notice on Ethicon's Inc.'s website specifically states, "The company identified the potential for the sterile barrier of the product packaging to be compromised after receiving customer complaints." The company also states that it has not received any reports of adverse events related to this issue, and it has notified the U.S. FDA.

The recall affects multiple lots of Blake Silicone Drains, Blake Silicone Drain Kits, Blake Cardio Connectors, J-VAC Reservoirs and J-VA Drain Adapters, with distribution dates of May 10, 2010 through February 28, 2011. Product codes and lot numbers of products impacted by the recall can be downloaded from the company's website using the following link:

While Ethicon is immediately recommending discontinuing use of affected products, it does stress that the recall is limited to the product names, product codes and lot numbers listed

Packaging concerns prompt another Johnson & Johnson recall - 2011-03-25 15:06:48 | Packaging Digest


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