If a patient took the Proscar (prostate drug) by mistake they might see more hair as the same formula is used for hair growth as well as treating prostate problems, and on the other hand if one was depressed the prostate drug might be able to bring more hair to light <grin> .  Ok enough said there but at least these are not life threatening mix ups on the labels this time; however that has happened with other drug companies. 

Last October, stinky Lipitor was recalled.

Lipitor Stinks–Recall of Musty Odor Smelling Bottles– Too Close The Chemically Treated Pallets–Need 2D Barcodes-Pharmacists Would Have Welcomed the Opportunity to Scan With Cell Phones to Locate the Affected Items

And here’s the cure to help consumers, pharmacists and anyone else find the recalls once again…..BD

Microsoft Tag Bar Codes–Who’s Been Scanning the Medical Quack–The Bing Heat Map Tells All And Could Help Find Stolen or Expired Drugs and Devices With This Methodology
FDA Plans Recall Data Base – Nice Still Need Tags on the Products So We Can Find Them Immediately

Pfizer Inc. subsidiary Greenstone LLC recalled one lot of its Citalopram depression medicine and its prostate drug Finasteride because the wrong labels may have been put on the bottles, said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Greenstone said in a recall notice that bottles of Citalopram, a generic drug with trade names including Celexa, may contain Finasteride, used to treat prostate problems and baldness in men. Finasteride's trade names include Proscar, Propecia and several others.

Included in the recall are Citalopram 10mg tablets in a 100-pill bottle and Finasteride 5mg tablets in a 90-count bottle. Both have the lot number FI050058-A on the label.
Consumers should return any medicine with those numbers to their pharmacist and contact their doctors if they feel any effects from taking the recalled medicine.

Fear of Switched Labels Prompts Recall of Antidepressant, Prostate Drugs


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