What he had was one single shell left in an item of his clothing so it looks like the imagesecurity was doing their screening job.  He is having to coordinate with the US Embassy to resolve the matter and was not carrying a gun.  Next time when one may be out hunting, check those pockets and make sure your US arms license is up to date.  BD 

St. Jude Medical Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Daniel Starks was detained in India Wednesday, after a single ammunition shell was found while he traveled through the New Delhi airport, the company confirmed.

He is cooperating with local authorities and working with the U.S. Embassy, the medical-devices company said. He was traveling on business and was not carrying a firearm, the company said.

According to local media reports, he was arrested during baggage checking at Indira Gandhi International Airport for allegedly carrying a "live cartridge." He produced an invalid U.S. arms license, the reports said.

St. Jude Medical CEO Detained in Indian Airport - WSJ.com

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