As you may or nay not know at HIMSS 2011 the writers of Extormity revealed themselves and the Extormity bunch will be at HIMSS 2012, as I read here for the gambling, now whether this means the exhibition floor or the casinos will be up to you.  As you can read on about the new patient portal, it keeps patients from sticking their noses in <grin>. 

You can read below how Extormity reviewed their visits to HIMSS 2011.  BD 

In this Extormity Alert, CEO Brantley Whittington shares his observations from the recent HIMSS11 conference.

While actually attending HIMSS and walking the show floor this year dramatically reduced my time on the tee box, it was instructive to rub elbows with the HIT hoi polloi and reinforce my disdain for fraternizing with the little people. After a recuperative week in Monaco, I would like to dispense a few pearls of Whittington wisdom.

Speaking of small fry, we did identify several attractive acquisition targets — upstart innovators that can be purchased for a song and stripped of their assets. We will then claim that their incompatible legacy systems are seamlessly integrated on a solitary platform — one that has more tentacles than an irradiated monster squid in a Japanese B-Movie. We are going to call this portfolio the Extormity Singularity, which refers to billing for each of these disparate solutions on a single invoice.


While Extormity did not exhibit at HIMSS, we had a lavish invitation-only suite at a nearby luxury hotel where I met one-on-one, Corleone-style, with Extormity clients and prospects. Several of them mentioned MIE and NoMoreClipboard, two up and coming SaaS companies who have the unmitigated gall to bill their solutions as affordable, interoperable and even flexible. Needless to say, we will embark on a hostile takeover of these EHR and PHR pests.

Recognizing my radiant permanence in the HCIT universe, HIMSS invited me to speak at the new HIT X.0 “conference within a conference.” Given the exclusive nature of this opportunity, I took to the stage where I announced the launch of Manacle™, a shackled patient portal. While many of our competitors offer tethered portals, we were concerned that the tether label connotes some degree of leeway. With Manacle, the restrictions are clear — patients are only able to view a highly redacted version of their health information. We protect patients from knowing too much about their maladies, as we don’t want to burden them with disturbing knowledge. Extormity is a patient-centric organization, which means the patient is a prominent stock photo in our corporate brochure. If you like being tethered, you’ll love being shackled.

I also visited the Interoperability Showcase, a fantasy land very appropriate for the conference’s Orlando location. In this fairy tale theme park, data flows magically from vendor to vendor in a standards-based fashion, penetrating the proprietary fortresses erected by Extormity and its like-minded brethren. Idealistic vendors who embrace interoperability are able to imagine, at least for a few days, that we will actually duplicate the free flow of data on behalf of patients out in the marketplace. I bought a T-shirt and had a pint of butter beer.

Will I attend HIMSS next year? Given the Vegas location for 2012, I will no doubt secure a villa and gamble a slice of our 2011 profits at the baccarat tables in the high roller room at the Wynn. See you there.

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