The processes at the Kiosks are all self service.  The company already has one imagekiosk that can give you an vision check up, and when finished can refer you to an eye vision specialist in the area. 

You sit down and answer a number of questions and then get a list of products that may help you based on the vision results.  It is not meant to replace the doctor but rather to give you a free exam.  The results are printed out and guess what, there’s coupons on them, I like everything else but those darn coupons.  The company did receive a grant from the NIH for the vision kiosk. 


The next step is the SoloHealth Station that again would be placed in retail locations.  SoloHealth already has units in the store but the new kiosks will include hypertension and obesity assessments.  We have not seen the EyeSite machines yet in California and according to their website, Houston is about as far west as they have come.  Ok so where’s the next part to where you can log in and send this to your personal health record?  That will be next in place of a printed report.  BD

ATLANTA – The developer of popular DVD rental and coin-counting kiosks is taking on the healthcare field with an investment in SoloHealth, which is working on a self-service kiosk that would screen vision, blood pressure, weight and body mass index and provide a free health assessment.image

Atlanta-based SoloHealth will receive an investment from Coinstar, Inc., the Bellevue, Wash.-based developer of the Redbox self-service DVD rental kiosks and Coinstar self-service coin-counting brands. Details of the investment were not made public.

In an interview last summer, Foster said his company’s bilingual kiosks are the next generation of the blood pressure machines now seen in almost every pharmacy and supermarket. After developing the EyeSite kiosk to target vision problems, he said, the company is expanding the kiosk to tackle hypertension and obesity – all of which form the basis for an effective preventive health and wellness screening platform.

Coinstar operates roughly 30,200 Redbox kiosks and 18,900 coin-counting kiosks in the United States.

New investor backs SoloHealth wellness kiosk project | Healthcare Finance News


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