I was waiting for this video to be uploaded and it was from the TED Conference a couple weeks ago in Long Beach, California.  If you read here often enough then you know I follow Wake Forest and other regenerative stories frequently.  One imagecompany in particular where I have interviewed many of their executives, Cook Medical has a full regenerative medicine division and they focus on hernias and a different type of regeneration, but it all works.  The link below was from just a few days ago from Wake Forest and has Dr. Atala’s TED talk from last year (video). 

Urethras Grown at Wake Forest–6 Years Later Five Young Men Are Doing Fine

PBS also did an excellent video, about 20 minutes about what they are doing at Wake Forest too and you can see the printer in the video.  This is neat to see the printed kidney and the he is joined at the end with Juan Enriquez and a patient who has an implanted bladder.   

Replacing And Growing Body Parts– Scaffolds Revealed With Regenerative Medicine(Video)

On a related subject you might want to also read about what Geron is doing with stem cells and the clinical trials that have begun with spinal cords.  BD

Stem Cells Explained-Dr. Michael West Founder of Geron Corporation Stresses The Need For Continued and Accelerated Funding

Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney | Video on TED.com


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