How long will be be before we all have “free credit services” I wonder.  IBM is the vendor responsible for the server drives and notified HealthNet that they could not imagelocate them.  I am guessing these are regular hard drives and not virtuals, although the drives could contain virtuals but if missing those would be a lot harder to get in to, one saving grace. 

In the meantime folks affected will be notified by HealthNet so if you are a member, watch your mail.  This occurred at the Rancho Cordova location in California, so I am guessing those on the west coast could be the ones affected, and again this is only a guess as data can be stored anywhere. 

In other IBM news today, here come the marketers as they turn loose a big new staff of sale people to jump into the “Smarter Commerce” business to help companies buy, sell and market their products according to this article in ZDNet.  Don’t we have enough of these folks already?  I’m swamped as a blogger with emails, announcements, etc. but again I don’t count in this arena as I’m not selling something.  The company bought several companies last year and is pretty much rolling out the marketing to get an ROI on who they bought.  One of their examples is 1-800-flowers for marketing and to me, being the 800 flowers business junks and spams me so much, I would look for another example.  As a matter of fact I tweeted that they are the biggest spammer I have seen in a while and do all I can to get off their list, so I hope it’s not more of this type of activity to be seen.

“In a nutshell, IBM is imagemaking a big push into commerce similar to what it did for analytics. Like IBM’s push into analytics, Big Blue is throwing some bodies at the category. IBM said it will launch a consulting practice with 1,200 commerce experts as well as another 1,200 sales people. The IBM is also looking to form commerce communities to share best practices and data.”

At any rate I hope they find the server drives and CEOs can look forward to some new ALGORITHMIC MARKETING AND E-COMMERCE sales efforts to hit their doors.  According to what I have read the integration of data is a primary focus so actually this becomes another one of my “SUBSIDIARY WATCH” articles.  I say this as the companies you knew and recognized 10 years ago as to what they did and how they functions are becoming a far cry from only emphasizing core business.  Marketing by the algorithm for the most part makes me nuts as it can become so disruptive and for me, counter productive however it may not be the same for the greater masses.  BD   

LOS ANGELES--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Health Net, Inc. (NYSE:HNT) today announced that it is conducting an investigation into several server drives that are unaccounted for from its data center operation located in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

This investigation follows notification by IBM, Health Net’s vendor responsible for managing Health Net’s IT infrastructure, that it could not locate several server drives.

After a forensic analysis, Health Net has determined that personal information of some former and current Health Net members, employees and health care providers is on the drives, and may include names, addresses, health information, Social Security numbers and/or financial information.

While the investigation continues, Health Net has made the decision out of an abundance of caution to notify the individuals whose information is on the drives.

To help protect the personal information of affected individuals, Health Net is offering them two years of free credit monitoring services, including fraud resolution and, if necessary, restoration of credit files, as well as identity theft insurance. These services will be provided through the Debix Identity Protection Network.

Health Net, Inc. Investigating Unaccounted-for Server Drives | EON: Enhanced Online News


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