I have tried, especially on my bar coding campaign here a few times to get a imageresponse from the FDA.  It takes 2 weeks to get a “canned” response that most websites send immediately thanking you for your submission. Does one call that a response?  I guess if you were running stats and algorithms you might get a star as the mapping would show a response on the report.  Dare we talk “quality” of response maybe? 

I have my campaigns that have had huge comments and support for being able to scan an over the counter product, a prescription drug (pharmacists commented extensively here) or medical devices.  FDA is not the only one, try the DEA too and imagethat was even minus a courtesy thank you.  It does make one wonder if any pay attention and I realize they get a lot of mail too. 

What’s really interesting when I look at my web stats on this blog to see imagethe number of FDA folks logged on and reading the Medical Quack, duh?  The Park Lawn servers (the FDA network) are observed here all the time.  We have a disconnect here which is growing like a virus all over the place.  Everyone wants consumer involvement, and yet when they try to get involved we get the “ignore button” and there’s very little being done for the consumer as well and we keep getting these articles in the papers that put down consumers for their lack of knowledge, well it starts at the top.  Look at the mess they made, as well as the manufacturer they made out other sterile pads, these are all over the place under different names! 

FDA Announces Recall of Alcohol Prep Pads, Swabs, Swabsticks From Triad–FDA and Manufacturers Should Ashamed-Campaign for Bar Codes Still Stands Stronger Than Ever!

Two years ago I stated recalls were going to grow and darned if they have not, but we have not done anything and bar coding will help find counterfeit drugs too, but luddites I guess still call the shots.  Sad to say when it comes to role models at HHS, it doesn’t get much better, we never hear anyone having success with any consumer health products, like devices that record heart rates, nope, that’s the same old subject of “it’s for those guys over there” as we are administrators and above all of this and we are doing all this data work to help the peons of the world that need to learn digital literacy.  Fact is, we have some of the worst digital literacy right at the top, just watch the news <grin>  Heck bar coding could even make compliance easier for the agency too, duh? 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

I have quit picking on Joe Biden though as there has been proof and videos of him talking about his IPAD, but goodness forbid we see even as much as an image online of any governments folks using any “consumer health technology” and the press continues to run the stories that beat up the public.  If you are fat, you are evil is what some of what we see gets out there, rather than people needing help.  Shoot when Michelle Obama announced her program there was all kinds of speculation as to why she didn’t want a big fuss.  Well we were talking about diets and losing weight and I saw a whole bunch of out of whack BMIs sitting in Congress, was this maybe the reason…for those guys over there again?

Why Was Michelle Obama 'embarrassed' by The Standing Ovation As Obesity Program for Children Was Announced

Becoming participants with modern day technology would do wonders to improve how government agencies and our Congress communicate.  Most just seem to suck at this and yet have no problem criticizing others for their lack of digital literacy.   Back on track though the former FDA administration slept at the wheel for years as I remember putting out a post asking Intel to get some Classmate computers out to the FDA as back just 3 years ago some investigators didn’t have computers and were still writing up assessments in long hand, geez!  BD 

The FDA's Risk Communication Advisory Committee plans to hold an open meeting in Washington, D.C., May 5 to discuss the agency's public outreach efforts.

But the federal watchdog agency might want to polish up on its web-linking skills. The meeting announcement on the FDA's website directs users to background material on the meeting on another webpage that links right back to the original announcement page. Such "circular linking" is bad juju from a web design perspective.

FDA seeks public input on its efforts to communicate with the public | MassDevice - Medical Device Industry News


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