If you are a regular reader here then you might be aware of my little campaign and perhaps have even voted for this.  It has been sent to the FDA and DEA a couple of times with little response so you can see where our importance as a consumer lies.  Actually it takes almost 2 weeks to get a “canned” response like may web sties send instantly. This is a good video that has one of the executive with Pfizer along for the ride that shows some actual fake pill mills in Peru and how they operate and make huge profits.  Nobody does squat and the problem gets bigger and actually the use of barcodes with heat maps helps find stolen drugs too, duh!  image

Counterfeit Alli Warning from the FDA – We Should Be Using Technology for Easier Identification

Healthcare Bar Code Posts

Actually this recent patent from Microsoft might be a cool solution if applied with their already existing Microsoft Tag bar codes.  This is again why we need folks with some Health IT and tech backgrounds in positions where such decisions and resolutions can be made as those who don’t get it already have a full plate and they never get around to reviewing it.  It’s just like all the talk about personal health records with blazing reviews where none of the authors use one, same thing. 

Microsoft Receives Patent-Techniques to Create Counterfeit and Tamper Resistant Labels Using Fiber Optic Strands-Bar Codes Getting Closer for Drug/Device Recalls?

Counterfeit Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Products Investigation – One More Good Reason to Start “Tagging” Products for Consumers So We Can Scan for Authenticity


What is amazing is that you can go to Best Buy and scan Cannon printers and get all kinds of information and gee nobody’s going to think about eating or ingesting one of those, but for items that are life savers, dead ears at the FDA and DEA, let those consumers fend for themselves.  We are too busy here.

Insulin Pump Problems and Recalls – FDA Get Those Tags Out There So Consumers Can Identify Them Easily with Cell Phones

Guess what, you can also use that same technology to connect Google Health and HealthVault personal health records, gee one technology can solve a lot of evils.  Can we not just scan that stent soon!!

Connecting HealthVault/Google Health and More to RazCode Encrypted Microsoft Tags – Automate Data Input

Guess what else, when the product is scanned, we can have a heat map that shows where the product is located too. If a fake product does not produce information, then don’t use it, simple at that as the codes can be encrypted to go through a gateway and the fakes won’t make it and that means the crooks have to do more label work and try to get around it, which if designed correctly, they won’t and would only be able to refer people to a “fake” site, and there is where we have control to shut those down, duh? 

DEA, FDA, can you wake up as this would work for over the counter, prescription drugs and medical devices….lots to think about and also it would make compliance easier for the FDA on recalls, just maintain a synchronized data base with alerts for updates, changes, and what ever other reporting function may be needed. 

Drug companies too, like J and J, wake up or is it cheaper to just let people die which is exactly what pharma is letting happen with little or no prevention using technology.  BD

The fight against counterfeit drugs - 60 Minutes - CBS News


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