Back in January of 2010 Blue Cross announced their agreement and contract with imageIdeal Life, another device company so perhaps there’s more than one trial going on?  The company specified here is VRI and they have their own website and portal. 

Anthem Blue Cross Contracts with IDEAL LIFE Biometrics – Blue Tooth Wireless Body Weight Scales for Home Monitoring With Algorithms of Care Relating to Early Detection of Congestive Heart Failure (C.A.R.E.)

As you can see medication compliance and vital sign monitoring products are at the top of the listings.  For those with congestive heart failure this might be a life saver, although I do wonder about when the program is shifted to include a larger group of participants.  Both programs are focused on patients with congestive heart failure.  BD


Anthem Blue Cross in California has started a pilot program enabling covered members with congestive heart failure to monitor their weight and blood pressure daily and transmit readings to a secure Web portal.

The one-year pilot will start with 25 members in the Los Angeles region with expectations to expand statewide with about 750 participants. Members are given a wireless scale and blood pressure cuff that transmit data to a modem that plugs into a telephone line to populate the Web portal.

BC Calif. Pilots Remote Patient Monitoring


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