The story of Provenge and the manufacturer has been interesting for all over the last few years. I have covered some small portions here, basically the side that relates to their software technology which I still will say has a lot to do with all items considered.  The price tag yes is still a big one that nobody can dispute.  It just appears to me they must be doing things in the right order to provide both the FDA and CMS with their appropriate data, back up systems as well as auditing functionality.  This is a new class of drugs and it’s not taking a pill but rather blood is taken from the patient, send to one of their centers, treated, incubated and returned back to doctor to re-inject back to the patient, so mix ups, logistics and more have play right here. 

Dendreon Corporation Selects Pilgrim Software As a Service Solution For Risk Management and Compliance Intelligence

Several large biotech and life sciences companies are listed as customers for Pilgrim.  The use their own software for tracking and more called Intelligence which I wrote a while back, even before the FDA approval was given.  Being a big bar code fan and the fact that I visualize a lot of cures with the technology, I can’t but help but think others saw some value here too. 

Dendreon “Intellivenge” Algorithmic Software Supporting Administration of Provenge – Seeking FDA Approval by May 1st

“Intellivenge was designed to be the information resource linking the physician’s office, the apheresis center (where the patient’s cells are collected), the Dendreon manufacturing facility and all of the transportation services imagerequired to ensure that the cells received from each patient are processed within the required window of time. Using proprietary technology,  Intellivenge coordinates the timing of all the resources each patient needs for the treatment cycle and tracks where a patient’s cells are at every stage of the processing cycle.  Intellivenge also assists patients, physicians and their office staff with follow up appointment timing and scheduling.”

As stated this is the draft so there could be room for additions and changes possibly when the final document is rendered.  How important is proper logistics today with life sciences-very.  You can see where UPS is gearing up and building warehouses for fulfillment in this area too and while I don’t this is a route that Dendreon would take, especially being brand new, but other medications and vaccines have and will.  BD 

UPS Expanding Healthcare Focus With Giant Warehouses for Temperature Sensitive Drugs and Vaccines

Chalk up another victory for Seattle-based Dendreon—it has persuaded Medicare officials to provide full reimbursement to doctors who prescribe its new $93,000 prostate cancer drug.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency that runs the federal health insurance program for the elderly, said today in a draft memo that “the evidence is adequate” to say that Dendreon’s immune-booster, sipuleucel-T (Provenge), “improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries” with prostate cancer. The draft will now be subject to public comments for three months, at which point it is expected to become formal policy of the Medicare agency.

Dendreon Wins Full Reimbursement From Medicare for $93K Prostate Cancer Drug | Xconomy


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