This is still under investigation and St. Joseph’s is a great hospital but there are bad eggs working everywhere.  This was a woman under the care of a male patient imagetechnician who reportedly committed the crime.  With cutbacks in the governments and the detective bureau in Orange being closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there was a delay in processing the complaint. 

As you can read further on, the television station had an anonymous email that said the employee was suspended but was scheduled to return to work on Monday.  This is a good issue here to look at, how do you suspend an employee and how does a late investigation like this take place?  As we all know timing is important.  BD 

ORANGE (KTLA) -- Police are investigating an alleged case of sexual assault involving a female patient and a worker at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange.
On March 9, police received a report from hospital officials saying a female patient had reached out to them, claiming she was raped by an emergency room patient care technician the day before.
The hospital itself has declined to provide any details, citing concerns about patient privacy.
According to an anonymous email sent to KTLA by a hospital worker, a male patient care technician was assigned to watch the woman as she lay "defenseless, altered and inebriated" in her hospital bed.
The worker says that's when, "He began consoling her, hugging her, telling her everything was going to be alright."
The caregiver "kissed her," the email claims, and then had the patient "perform oral sex on him" before "repeatedly" raping her.

Hospital Rape: Female Patient Claims She Was Raped by Hospital Worker -


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