If you read here often enough, sometimes you never know what you are going to see and this is a bit different than most sponsors you may see on the web with blogs so I thought I would take a moment out and explain why they are here.image

First of all my disclosure or non disclosure in this case, I know very little about stocks and investing and don’t own any so don’t ask me for any advice in that area and I thought I should mention this as Micro-Cap Review is in the information side of the investing business.  My thoughts come mostly from the technological side as I used to write code and a few years ago when things were simpler, wrote a medical records system, so as you see the word “algorithm” with center stage here, that’s one big hint.  Everything today whether it’s medical records or drug development evolves around code and programming. 

When approached on being a sponsor I gave this some thought as basically we are both in pursuit of the same thing, information but maybe for different reasons or directions, but some of this information is of use for both of us.  The line of discussion came around after seeing some of my blog posts, which contain opinions and what I feel are potential solutions or projections, appearing on sites like Yahoo Finance and Investor Village.  Those are posts that readers from this blog found interesting, helpful or whatever, but enough to include on a financial or investing forum for others to read.  I have a lot of publicly owned companies that read the Medical Quack and I blog about them as well with new products, FDA approvals and so on.  Combined with Micro-Cap Review, this seemed to be a good match for collaborating with information and opportunities to further exposure. I talk a lot about what might be considered unusual partnerships and collaborations that are evolving and now the Medical Quack has one!  Below is an image with participating at a Biotech convention in San Francisco. 


What they do have to offer by being here on the site with me is a discount for advertising with them and that could apply to any business.  They also feature articles written by companies that pertain to business and it might be something worth looking at.

In addition, if you want to write an article for the magazine you can contact them as well and it might lead to some real coverage.  In addition the parent company, SNN is about to release their Video Press Release Services and that also might be one to watch for.  They travel to many financial and other types of conventions and provide video interviews with CEOs of the company with either talking about what’s currently happening imageor something that is up and coming.  Recently I saw a group called a “stockumentary”

From the website:

“SNNwire.com is a destination website for public company CEOs who are legally required to distribute and disseminate their approved press releases, announcements and required company updates to the public. SNNwire is the first all video press release VPR™ news distribution service in the financial news industry. CEOs have unlimited access to upload their user generated VPR™ effortlessly with the option of attaching a text press to the VPR™. CEOs can choose a basic package of distribution or choose from the SNNwire menu of investor categories and from more than 500,000 available worldwide media outlets. CEOs can send an email link to their company database conveniently and securely.”


Whatever you do if you inquire for any information, mention the "Medical Quack” as discounts are available for advertising with them.  You can find information about general pricing at the link here where I have some additional information.  If you scroll down you will find the pricing information embedded.  I thought too this might be an opportunity for some smaller biotech companies to get further exposure. 

So again this is a different sponsor/partner relationship here and hopefully it will work the way around.  One more item that is featured in the magazine is the “Wall Street Chicken” comic, so now you have a couple “foul” partners here with “Chicken” sponsoring a “Duck”<grin>.

Now as far as my posts, nothing is going to change and I will still be writing and expressing myself and thoughts just as I have over the last 4 years, but on occasion I might have some additional information to add from what they are publishing.  It’s all about information today and building relationships, so hopefully this will work out for all and be able to connect. 

Occasionally too there’s room for some non profit space which is at their discretion and as room is available and Micro-Cap Review can give you the details. 

There you have it and I welcome my new sponsor at the Medical Quack and appreciate it as sponsors are needed today to keep the blog content flowing and imagecurrent.  Again, if you read here often enough, I focus a lot on Health IT, but there’s a mixture of a lot of other content here too.  Use the “Resources” tab at the top of the Medical Quack to access the advertising and sponsor area of the Medical Quack. 

By the way, I’m open to any ideas or suggestions too or thoughts anyone might have here, bad, good or basically anything you might want to add.  BD 


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