The article does not say this is for healthcare companies only, I put my spin on that portion of this since we are getting more and more hedge funds and private equity imagefirms investing in healthcare.  I would hope the SEC would be provided a courtesy copy of the software too so they can audit.  There’s actually a non profit organization set up to where they can all sit around and discuss how to profit, kind of an oxymoron if you will being a non profit.  Maybe the hedge fund guys have one too? 

How Big Are Private Equity Investments in Healthcare – Large Enough to Create a “Non-Profit” Trade Association To Talk About How to “Profit”

We all know how HIMSS had adjusted some of their focus to the new medical banking acquisition too so perhaps is this a future offering for resale there?  I’m just speaking out loud and pondering questions here since this is all materially related.

HIMSS acquires Medical Banking Project – Business Intelligence and Banking Algorithms?

At any rate this comes back around to business intelligence once more and where would be be without it today and without an over anxious vendor banging on your door to sell you or your organization <grin>.  Just like in healthcare with firms hanging out big carrots for hospital re-admissions and wanting to project, it appears this software might be able to give some advance warning of “insider trading” happening…hmmmm…anybody would like that except for those exchanging the information of courseHere’s a service below they provide that some judges (and others) might like to see and might help keep some out investment troubles.  This way those invested know how the company to where they might own stock could grow into new areas which could represent some conflicts of interest. 


This would also be especially helpful to the general accounting office too as recently they have been questioning the care given in those owned by private equity firms.  This way they could look over all the accounting information easy enough and analytically see the over all picture, thus saving time as far as determining where to focus outside of the normal patient care which is always in the picture as a number one priority.

General Accounting Office Questions Nursing Homes Owned By Private Equity Firms–Lack of Data To Evaluate Care and Safety

Below are some additional screenshots with the article about some of the other services they offer, kind of like audit tables on steroids, and I would guess that a full audit table of the audit tables is included as well.<grin>.  Getting back around to the title if compliance is clear from the investor end, then that paves the way for medical records and health IT certification too as it will all mesh at some point with analytics and business intelligence all the way around.  This is certainly something that can help give the SEC some teeth too as far as activity and where to focus their efforts on fraud, inside trading or what ever area of regulation where they may need to inquire.  BD 

GREENWICH, Conn.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC announced today the release of RegSphere™, a new version of its compliance software specifically for hedge funds, fund of funds and private equity firms, which provides the only turnkey solution for the fast approaching regulations. RegSphere™ is a robust solution that contains 13 compliance modules heretofore sold separately.


“For the first time, both registered and newly registered organizations can have a host of solutions on one console and minimize compliance costs”


"We've been working with our hedge fund clients to produce this complete solution since last year," said Tony Turner, principal of the company. "For the first time, both registered and newly registered organizations can have a host of solutions on one console and minimize compliance costs” he said.


RegSphere™ includes the following solutions:

  • employee personal trading,
  • insider trading detection,
  • advertising review,
  • self dealing,
  • document management,
  • valuation testing,
  • best execution,
  • anti-money laundering,
  • 13D,13F and 13G filing analysis,
  • idea allocation checking,
  • Form PE and automated stress testing,
  • pay-to-play solutions, and
  • CV365, the intelligent compliance calendar.

“The single platform enables a quantifiable, verifiable compliance program for regulators and clients. Best of all, clients can customize each module via a rules library so that it fits the facts and circumstances of their company; it's the best value bar none" said Turner. The intelligent compliance calendar automatically notifies compliance teams of filing requirements, tracks compliance rationale, testing, workflow and generates compliance reports on demand. Clients may continue to purchase the modules on an ala carte basis.


About Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC

Founded in 1999, Financial Tracking is the proven leader in automated compliance software (patents pending) with modular features. The SEC is a client. Financial Tracking has over 1,200 software interfaces with third parties such as prime brokers, custodians, broker/dealers, portfolio accounting and trade order management systems, allowing seamless data integration and rapid onboarding. Companies using its software include money managers, hedge funds, regulators, mutual funds, fund of funds, broker/dealers and private equity firms. For a short message turn on your speakers and go to

Financial Tracking Technologies Announces New Release of Compliance Software is Turn-key for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms | EON: Enhanced Online News


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