The stem cells survived for 6 months or more in the brain and motor control imageimproved.  This was based on a rat model.  What was also interesting too is that just this week in an European court was the decision that stem cells cannot be patented as a result of this study.  You can read more about the legal decision here.  BD 

Stem cells, delivered intranasally, have been found to substantially improve motor function in Parkinson’s disease in a study conducted by the US Alzheimer’s Research Center and the University Hospital of Tubingen in Germany.

The team had previously published a paper and filed for a patent on this intranasal stem cell delivery method and went on to study the therapeutic impact and long-term survival of the stem cells after they reached the brain. Their new study was published in Rejuvenation Research.

Nasally delivered stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s improves motor control


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