Well here we go again, hospital systems don’t have much money and as a country with both federal and state lawmakers, they haven’t come to terms with this yet and imagecan’t figure it out.  Well the CEO at the top of the helm at this organization in Florida figured it out and is leaving to work with Blue Cross/Blue Shield to see if they can manage with their business model and see if we can find blood in those turnips out there.  Sorry to be so blunt but when you read this stuff every day, it is what it is. 

Granted there are a few exceptions in here but the Health Care District doesn’t seem to be one of them.  I wonder at times if all hospitals should take on the Cleveland Clinic model of research and development and then spinning off a company for some money, it seems to work well there and similar models at other systems.  Perhaps one day all hospitals will be fostering spin offs?  That’s just some of of my idle talk and observations here but gee what else is working out there by comparison???

Before working at the Healthcare district, Mr Chenette ’s background was insurance.  Palm Beach is also noted as a pretty affluent area in Florida too. BD

WEST PALM BEACH — WEST PALM BEACH – The longtime CEO of the Health Care District of Palm Beach County, Dwight D. Chenette, says he will leave in May after a decade at the helm of the special taxing district and its HMO.

Chenette is resigning to become vice president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida's nascent Medicaid insurance line. The state's largest insurer has until now avoided that market. But with the likely expansion of state Medicaid managed care, and the passage of federal health reform, it's an area the non-profit insurer is exploring, a company spokesman said.

The district is facing uncertain times, as health reform has the potential to duplicate its coverage for lower income people. The health law faces multiple challenges in court and Congress, though, and Chenette advised against shutting health care district coverage down prematurely.

Health Care District CEO Chenette leaving after 17 years


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