The data on the computer included name, mailing address, Social Security numbers, imagemedical record information, laboratory and other test results.  Here we go again and no mention of whether or not the information was encrypted or password protected.  BD

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is notifying nearly 133,000 individuals that their names and some personal information may have been contained on an agency laptop computer that was stolen from an OSDH employee’s car last week.

A database related to the Oklahoma Birth Defects Registry was on the computer. The Oklahoma Birth Defects Registry provides statewide surveillance of birth defects to reduce the prevalence of birth defects through prevention education, monitoring trends and analyzing data. The laptop was used to record data from hospital medical records. An additional 50 paper files containing abstracted medical information were also taken in the theft.
“We are mindful that Oklahoma’s citizens trust the OSDH to do all it can to protect the personal data we acquire as part of our disease prevention services,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Terry Cline.  “We offer our apologies to those who may be affected.”

The OSDH sent letters to affected persons and posted information on the OSDH website about the theft and potential data loss. The OSDH is cautioning those whose data might be compromised to contact credit reporting agencies and take other steps to protect their personal information. The OSDH will also make available identity protection services.

OSDH Announces Possible Data Theft - Oklahoma State Department of Health


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