This is something that has been bothering me for a while and is something I feel that is not needed and ends up being counter productive, so I would like to request that news agencies please stop publishing these items and secondly if the folks generating them would stop sending them to the news agencies we might have a game plan here.  image

There is not a week that goes by that something along this line comes out and everyone treats this like shocking and breaking news, when it’s not.  We all know, and self included here we learn something new every day and strive to do the best we can, but tormenting the public with some of what I see is atrocious. I’m starting to look at the folks who create the studies as being “stupid” as to why does this seem to preoccupy their time, don’t they have anything else of greater value to create and publish?  I try to observe those around me and what is scary is that the exact same people who publish such news items, are “stupid” too but yet with this publication in hand it seems to gyrate some type of temporary feeling of authority or importance by creating or publishing it.   Granted we all need to feel important but sometimes step back and look and see what you are doing.

When you move over to the social networks, it even gets more bizarre as we have what I call the “Magpies” jump in here, the ones who didn’t create it but for some reason too see this as breaking news, huh?  On Twitter I see such articles retweeted all over the place, like to say “hey we are dumb” so let’s get the word out there?  Is this what publishing studies as such does?  Doesn’t seem like it’s taking off in a positive direction if you ask me and maybe it’s because we are all feeling like we are being kept in the dark and being fed you know what <grin>.

We see it all the time and retweeting news is a good thing, but studies and items as such seen as newsworthy like this in my eyes are not.  I don’t think of everyone who retweets is as stupid by any means but rather I sit and look and scratch my head as to why?

There are a lot of sources for these types of articles from studies that come out so they come from every which direction and I get a ton of goofy stuff in my email too and I try to stay along with what I am trying to do here on the blog to help educate and curate items that you might otherwise miss, especially when it comes to technology today as even I feel like I am a science fiction writer with some of the stuff I see out there today.

I get bombed with ton’s of experts that want to tell you how to eat, how to exercise how to do this and how to do that and the web is full of so called experts and there are some real ones too, but you won’t find that stuff here as that is not the focus here.  I had one today about a book/movie about living forever and it mentions the good practices of Jack LaLanne, well he didn’t live forever, he died like the rest of us humans do and so I looked at the content and thought what’s up with this?  We have campaigns urging us to exercise and self included I could do a better job at that, but on the other hand we also are urged to use our computers and read more and take advantage of the learning tool that most of us have in our homes.  The learning tool computer is also entertainment too, depending on how everyone uses it so where do we draw lines. 

The government puts out it’s fair share of these studies and has their sources of both internal and contracted sources and over the last 4 years of doing this blog I have noticed a lot of health insurers that put these out too, and they have all spent a lot of money on their algorithms and consumer software that may or may not get used, but they may be motivated to want you in there so they can collect data, so again the way that some of this makes it to print with these “studies” leaves a bit to be desired with in so many words calling us all “stupid”.  If perhaps they did a check on their own employees I could almost bet you might find less than desired participation within but we don’t wan this potential reality out there <grin>. 

Some of us, like me may spend too much time on a computer and need more exercise while others exercise their asses off and don’t ever get to a computer or not every often let’s say, so what’s up with this?  There’s no balance and that is something we all strive and work for in life and we know that, so thus I trash all these emails I get telling you what to do, as you can figure it out.  Actually I have given some thought to some of this and I believe with the way studies are used and abused with trying to find the ultimate algorithms that analytics addiction might be the next 12 step program on the horizon as so much gets skewed with trying to make a point and the struggle to work and search and find the right algorithm that can justify one’s point.  We see it all the time and sometimes there are good ones out there that help but so much of what we see is flat out junk. 

What happens when “stupid” makes “stupid” interpretations=insanity. 

Data Addiction and Abuse –The Up and Coming Next 12 Step Program Is On the Horizon–Side Effects Include Lack Of Data Quality, Integrity And Spasmodic Algorithms

If one is obese you can figure out you might need to do something about it and determine what may work best but for God’s sake you are not evil either like again some of the media portrays people that are over weight too.  Anyone who doesn’t fit a predesigned model being discussed, what ever it is at the time seems to get classified as “evil” and that is not right either.  We are all folks who need help with something in life and perhaps myself or others just don’t have a physically visible issue that is seen with obesity, but I’ll guarantee we all have something kicking around as we are humans.  Seniors are not evil because they need more healthcare, it goes with aging. 

Awareness programs are good if done correctly with some positives attached but we don’t see much of that today.  I have sat and watched an obese person put out a press release on how bad obesity is, so what does that tell you, are they getting the message, no they are just doing their job and besides they already know they are “evil” anyway so it just rolls off.  We get the same thing with healthcare literacy and we find the same folks putting out the revelations have the same issues and yet we still find this burning desire to judge and put harsh words and studies out there and an ounce of kindness works a lot better than shame. 

Have you ever watched anyone put out a story or post on drug problems in the US that is themselves addicted to drugs?  Yup that happens too and again we are so numb and convinced we are dumb it makes no impact but we seem to go back to the old rotten paradigm of its for those guys over there”.  I may have an issue today but I need to feel important so I’m going to tell everyone else what their problem is and shine mine on for the day, you see this out there, you bet and we all do a little of this anyway but when it goes to the extremes and judgmental issues arise, we have a problem. 

We don’t collaborate as well as we should in the US on many healthcare issues and we keep hearing innovation and have leaders that can’t take the next step beyond this word, and we are not short on innovators in the US, we have a lot of smart intelligent people, but so many don’t work together well and some of those same folks are the ones that dig up the “stupid” studies, as I guess it makes them feel like they are justifying the lack of collaborating that way

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

Some of the things that bug me too is seeing a lack of respect and protocol and lately it was watching the VP sleeping and dozing off during the President’s speech.  I like Joe Biden but come on Joe, you’re not putting a good message out there.  He’s not alone as we have seen judges and Congressmen snooze too and Jimmy Kimmel did a really good show on that one, catching both parties and all types of figure heads snoozing off, so again what type of example and what little respect are we showing here, is this ok?  image

Right after one of these items makes the news though, you can just bet within a day or so it will be time for another “stupid” story in the news to deflect from the Snoozers who help run our government but can’t see to keep their eyes open.  We all have days like that, but out of respect and courtesy can you keep of national television, as I think that is “stupid”. Colbert and Stewart always have a hay day with the snoozers and they bring the point home well. 

Yesterday I posted about doctors and their plight today, and they have somewhat the same problem with people not being able to walk a mile in their shoes and everyone with their analytics seems to pick on these folks that are there to help us and spend many years and a lot of money in medical school to do that, and yet the news and studies still call them “stupid” and that’s not right either and skews public opinions in the wrong direction.  If they were “stupid” they wouldn’t be doctors. Again I look at the people putting such items out in the news as being “stupid” for doing so.

Doctor Wes Speaks on on Doctor Privacy And Ongoing Fire Sales Of Medical Data

I think at this point why don’t we all get that famous T-shirt that says “I'm with stupid” and perhaps we would all feel better <grin>.  We all have knowledge in different area and to collaborate and share with others is the key while not losing track of human ethics.  Another recent post here too with the expectations of Healthcare CIOs, walk a mile in their shoes today and see what expectations are being leveled with their jobs today, its complicated and not easy with technology that throws them a new left curve every morning. 

Survey Shows CIOs Stressed About Work/Life Balance–Don’t Burn Them Out-Chapter 2

At any rate, by reading here I try to bring to light those who are “stupid” and judge imageothers by not participating with knowledge today an making an attempt to learn and when it hits the news with leaders and politicians, I will make note as they are humans just like the rest of us except their lives on on television and all over the web, thus since we elect many of them to serve and work toward our best interests, when they are “stupid” I will make a point of letting that be known here as It’s not any secret when it is all over the news with others making the same observation. 

But I would like to again request that news and studies depicting the general public being “stupider” than those in office or other places that designate authority stop as they are counter productive and I think today we are starting to see through it. News and studies of such are meaningless and make no impact other than to perhaps fuel someone’s self centered ambitions and pass unfair judgment.  BD 


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