Hey we are getting closer to a pap smear at Walgreens <grin>.  Not really but with this new connection, yet one more PHR that says trust me with your information so for that reason, I go to HealthVault as I know how the data world is working today.  Walgreens themselves stated that the data they have compiled on all of us is worth over $749 million, so exactly where does the information go, and how secure is it really, nope not for me to play around with. 

My poor Mom will be solicited next on this I can bet.  We have instances to where her Medicare HMO and Walgreens differ on the number of times she takes her readings, mind you she’s 15 years into this and not a novice, and nobody bothers to ask her doctor, is that not strange. 

Compliance Police Out In Force for Seniors–Health Plans and Drug Stores Making Phone Calls-Business Models & Caller Behavior Sucks -A Result of Pay for Performance Efforts?

Sometimes these directives hound seniors too.  The buy out with Drugstore. com will hype the coupon part of the business which those generate more data and mining profile on you. 

Walgreens To Buy Drugstore.Com for $409 Million

In view of the lawsuits on how they are using data, one more good reason to stay with HealthVault if I were using a device to report data.   

Walgreens And CVS Accused of Selling Customer Prescription Data in 2 Separate Law Suits-Sales for Marketing Data Continues and the Data Bases Gets Larger with Technology

Last but not least, done forget those coupons as they generate money and connect ads back to you.  Facebook actually has privacy setting out there for ads and I would suggest all go into their profile and change it to No One so your picture from your profile doesn’t end up in an ad just because you “liked” something.  Take heed.  Here’s a post from a few months ago on how coupons work and get that data too.

Drug Co-Pay Coupons–Chapter Two of Healthcare Marketing Their “Asses” Off

It’s funny how our blood pressure stats and other vitals are somehow through all of this are being used to either finance profits, non profits or just anyone who want to make a buck off of consumer profiles. 


Guess what, they “corporate memberships” available too.  I like technology but for God’s sakes it’s out of control and confuses more than it does good as nobody collaborates and again if this were me, heck no I don’t want this as I don’t all the fact and even then I don’t know if you can believe everything you hear.  As pharmacists in some areas now can get pay for performance money from Untied Healthcare, it just makes me wonder how far will the data game go.  We saw K-mart last year doing tests for brain aneurysms too.

No wonder that poor woman at Fox got confused and thought pap smears were available at Walgreens.

United Healthcare Expanding Diabetes Prevention & Predictive Algorithm Program With Walgreens And Pay for Performance Incentives In Atlanta

I can hear it now, Mom will get a sales pitch about new glucose strips soon in order to get her data, gotta sell that data and if Mom becomes compliant Walgreens (we already clarified that the doctor doesn’t count here, sadly) then they feel ok selling her data.  Mom has been through the glucose marketing and then of course it needs to be check with her Medicare HMO too, time exhausting and crappy and upsets here. Also, how much time does your family practice MD have to monitor every software program out there, not much and don’t ask them, especially when they get any respect and listed under the MD rating sites correctly and those guys want the MDs to fix all their errors too

These folks could eventually pair up with HealthVault too with data going from their website and allow a consumer to import, but heck I’ll go direct and keep the data mining and selling change so I can be in control here, that’s a consumer is supposed to have, control.  BD

Infopia America, today announced that their new SmartDiabetes product imageline has launched in 284 Walgreens drug stores in central and northeast Florida. The central Florida Walgreens region, which includes stores in Jacksonville, Orlando, Lakeland, Daytona Beach, and Melbourne, has embraced the SmartDiabetes initiative of diabetes management which fosters result sharing and proactive healthcare. The region will be the first stores in the national drug store chain to promote integrated and coordinated management of diabetes with the SmartDiabetes product line between the patient, physician, and pharmacist.
The SmartDiabetes product line features both a blood glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor, which are enabled to transmit their results to a HIPPA compliant server for prompt and accurate provider and caregiver review. The server, which is branded the Test n' Share Network, is powered by the Eocene System, allowing patients to manage their Personal Health Records and Electronic Log Books as well as share them in real-time with their healthcare team. In addition, the "No Coding required" SmartDiabetes Xpres Blood Glucose Monitor has a compelling feature set, being the fastest testing monitor with the smallest sample size available in the U.S. market with outstanding precision and accuracy.

PR-USA.net - Infopia America Partners with Walgreens Drug Stores


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