This is a new group established by HHS to work towards better patient care.  This imageis a good move in view of what else is going on between Tenet and HCA, it can’t hurt.  This looks like a good common ground where everyone comes together despite their business differences.  Part of the safety problems we have today are a result of the fast emerging technology that we have as it takes time to digest all of this and granted systems are making it safer but they also offer areas of disruption at the same time. 

Tenet Files Suit Accusing Community Health Of Inflating Hospital Admissions

There are pretty much all the major hospitals listed and of course all the insurance folks are there.  The map shows where they are and you can filter and see who’s in so far.


Below is a little general information from the website: 

“Achieving the goals of the Partnership for Patients will reflect the combined effort of many key stakeholders within the health care system – from physicians, nurses, hospitals, health plans, employers and unions, patients and their advocates, as well as the Federal and State governments. Major stakeholders – including more than 500 hospitals – have already pledged to join with Medicare in a shared effort to save thousands of lives, stop millions of injuries and take important steps toward a more dependable and affordable health care system.”


Tenet Healthcare Corp. has joined an Obama administration partnership designed to improve patient safety within hospitals, the Dallas-based company announced today.

The administration's Partnership for Patients is a public-private partnership launched this week by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

"We are pleased to be a part of this partnership to improve patient safety," said Dr. Kelvin A. Baggett, Tenet's chief medical officer. "This partnership is consistent with our ongoing commitment to improve the care we provide to our patients and with our goal of becoming the safest provider of care in the communities we serve."

Tenet joins Obama patient safety panel | Dallas Business Journal


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