You can watch his video where he talks about getting information from your family and he says it’s free.  Ok, so does Mr. Collins do this? I’m curious as to how those at the top of expert and technology field do it themselves, aren’t you?  Sad thing nobody talks about it and we always get the rhetoric on how it’s good “for those guys over there”.  Does anyone eat dog food around the government?  It helps and I’ve eaten my share, so are consumer healthcare software programs for everyone or just those not in top expert positions?  I’m curious. 

NIH Announces Plan to Develop Medical Image Sharing for imagePHRs-Role Models Would Help Stamp Out “Magpie Healthcare”

The NIH just announced they are working on a program to store images in PHRs and EHRs so I would hope some who work at the NIH have a PHR, otherwise how do you experience the value of having the information at hand?  It just gets old reading in the press on how illiterate consumers are with medical records and consumer mobile health too, and yet when you go up to the top, they don’t do it either <grin>.  That is what the Medical Quack calls “Magpie Healthcare” and is like virus that keep growing.  BD 

Personalized medicine is a revolutionary concept that would allow doctors to tailor treatments to each patient. But it relies on doctors having all the right information available to them. Director of the National Institutes of Health and former leader of the Human Genome Project Francis Collins punctuates the importance of having not only the genetic information of a patient, but the infrastructure to allow physicians to access that data easily.

World Science Festival Video : Personalized Medicine: How can We Make It Easy?


  1. just an fyi - your blog has so many icons and ads and columns that it is really difficult to read on an ipad and looks pretty dated - 3 menu bars? Really? so that the really amazing content might be overlooked.

    Less is more

  2. Thank you for your comment. This is kind of funny and makes the point of what I talk about today with "experts" in perhaps not looking at content and having to feel they need to reach out and fix someone or something. It's ok though as it happens all the time and I understand but my hope was to create content to provoke some thought processes here and encourage role models.

    Are you a Consumer Health IT participant with your own use? I hope so as that's what everyone is trying to figure out, so certainly your frustration with the Ipad is heard and I can look at that; however I have had some very nice comments recently on how nice the mobile version appears from folks reading with an Iphone though and I do freshen the look here from time to time and everyone of course is entitled to their own opinion but so far this is the first here with reference to an Ipad so I'll take a look and in the meantime I hope you are out there setting the pace with being a role model for others with Consumer Health IT, we need that.

    Here's a new related post today on the same topics that delves a bit further into consumer involvement and role models.


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