I would like to take a moment and say thank you to a new sponsor at he Medical Quack.  A link to Nuesoft Medical Software and Billing Services can now be found imageon the resources column.  Below is a quote from their website that describes their services and what they have to offer.  When looking for software and medical billing services take a moment and check out what they have to offer. 



Nuesoft Technologies Inc. was established in 1993 at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s acclaimed Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and became an immediate success by delivering the first platform independent medical software program to the medical community. Since then, Nuesoft has continued to develop ground-breaking technology, including producing the first wholly Internet-based medical practice management system in the form of NueMD.”

In addition I have added a page over at Ducknet that will feature new information and services they have to offer and when updated, I’ll be sure to include a short note and post to advise reader.  The page is located here and again check back for updates.  Again I am happy to welcome Nuesoft to the Medical Quack.  BD


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