Town hall meetings are getting interesting and in this video he said he could do something else with his life and maybe he should move to another committee.  This way of presenting budgets leaves so much unanswered and then again too we imagehave the intentional consequences that arise and with technology and simulation you can avoid some of this, not all but capture a lot of it.  This is how Wall Street does their projections and used formulas to fleece us for years.  We sill keep taking knives to gun battles and every day it’s more evident as this video shows.  Why do people keep up these types of campaigns, ego?  The link below has some additional examples on how lawmakers get way of subject and venture off into some weird areas that again when you look at priorities today you have to laugh at the big deal over puppy mills.  Again priorities today and having high powered systems to sort and get real information are becoming a must and hopefully soon. 

Digital Illiteracy Continues With Lawmakers at State Levels–Insane Laws Proposed And Being Passed-Financial Puppeteers (Video)

This is a good video to see the crowds that showed up wanting answers and yet they didn’t get much other than again someone looking to be the next great white hope when there isn't’ one, collaboration will do it though, and computer geeks know that and have worked well together for years but the old die hard politicians just don't get it.

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Sometimes it’s almost scary the conviction these folks have in believing what they tout when others look at it and present different numbers and it look crazy, again ego?  How can anyone have any confidence in any laws today until they are modeled and simulated as we have so many variables and options not to mention changes that occur with technology too.  Laws can’t keep up with business algorithms, you make a law they change the algorithms, and banks do that too.  IBM showed off the Watson technology and I think because it was used on Jeopardy the non participants in technology just simply saw it as only a game, sad but luddites do that.  Throw those models and idea up on big white boards and get smart about making laws. 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

I’m glad at least in California we recognize the need for digital literacy and we have former Governor Arnold to thank for that by getting the lead out of some our state executives thinking.  BD

Digital Literacy California CIO Series -Michael Peevey, President Cal Public Utilities Commission-We Need to Get Up to Par

ORLANDO, Fla.  — Freshman Rep. Daniel Webster was armed with a rainbow of graphs and pie charts, ready to make the GOP's case for budget cuts before his own constituents. He was barely a minute into his prepared remarks Tuesday when the yelling started.

House Republicans regroup after Medicare anger - Politics - Capitol Hill -


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