Let’s step back to May of 2010 and this is the software that claims it can predict imageprostate cancer with your voice on the phone, below is the link to my prior post and you can see for yourself what this is all about!  (There’s another video at the link below)

Behavioral Software Decodes Human Voices to Identify Person’s Present State Over the Phone – Voice Driven Algorithms for Analysis

You know pretty soon you may not even “want” to talk with people on the phone as imagethis software seems to be like they are almost coming through the phone to see your face.  In healthcare, like with autism though this could really be helpful to get a little insight as that is an area of difficulty. Now the next claim is a little bit out there I feel, when the software claims to be diagnose prostate cancer from a voice. I’m going to send that one up to an expert and see what I hear back I think. image

“According to Levanon, a person with prostate cancer has a "Grand Canyon" of missing tones that is "catastrophic to the voice."

Watch this first video with and listen to how this man attests it made and saved money so is this enough to Cigna to jump right in?   The video says many US companies are using it already, is Cigna?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

Discussion at Convention

eXaudios Voice Decoder

Who wants to work in a call center anymore if you have a supervisor studying you voice during phone calls, if used normally not bad but we know that’s now how it happens in the real world. Anyone have any idea on laws here? We know that we can’t record conversations but can we analyze them without the other party knowing?  I’m heading out to get myself one of those devices that changes my voice now <grin>.  BD

Cogito and CIGNA to co-present “Computational Speech Behavior Analysis for Predicting Engagement in Telephone-Based Health Care” at the American Telemedicine Association Annual International Meeting in May 2011

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