Milton Hospital is listed as an affiliate and and in 6 months the relationship goes to an actual merge.  I wonder if Dr. Halamka will get more Health IT work, but I’m guessing he’s probably got a lot of done already and record sharing is in place.  I have not imageread up recently on where various hospitals are as it’s busy out there and so much Health IT going on.  Also in the news have been the fast and furious health insurance negotiations and changes with hospitals in the Boston area, so there are mergers everywhere from physician’s groups, hospitals and so forth.  It’s like a frenzy all across the country it seems.  BD 

Beth Israel Physicians Group Moving Towards New Blue Cross Care Model

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Milton Hospital today announced plans to merge in six months. The change reflects a trend toward consolidation among hospitals, as they adjust to federal health laws designed to reward large, efficient health care systems.

The two hospitals have had a relationship for several years. Doctors from Beth Israel Deaconess staff the Milton emergency department. The Boston hospital, which brought in $1.24 billion in revenue in 2008, the most recent year for which tax forms are available, provides a streamlined transfer process for Milton patients who are having a heart attack. The two hospitals also partner on clinical programs, including geriatrics. There may be additional collaboration in the future, but no significant patient care changes are envisioned.

Milton Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess to merge in six months - Milton - Your Town -


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