In Ireland it was called the Kerry Operation and the losses there are 100 jobs and it was only created 3 years ago.  Now, see what I mean by algorithmically created business models, look no further than this example.  The services will be outsourced to over seas vendors.  See what’s happening with business models being adjusted for profit here in the US too, no more individual policies from Aetna in Colorado. 

Aetna pulls Out of Individual Health Insurance Policies in Colorado as of August of 2012-Risk and Profit Algorithms At Work

This why we don’t necessarily have a bad healthcare law, but it needs updates as all the players in the payer side. 

Healthcare Law Is Not Bad; However Algorithmically Changed Business Models Coupled With Mergers and Acquisitions Change the Insurance Governance Frequently

Washington can’t keep up with the antiquated system we used today with making laws and here’s what I think is a good idea so everyone could query quickly and everyone see the same thing at the same time.

IBM Makes 'Watson' Servers Even Smarter With More Cores–We Are Now Graduating to Taking “Dull” Knives to Gun Battles–There’s No Great White Hope for Budgets

Can we put those “dull knives” in the drawer and try something new here?  Again if we don’t get smarter about making laws, Charles Ferguson might as well start writing that sequel and do we want a sequel uglier than the first movie, I hope not. 

If you haven’t seen where the IT money’s going here’s one example and the connection services to make medical records talk is not cheap and one of the largest expenses in the business.  BD 

Aetna to Acquire Medcity-Health IT Connectivity Vendor-Former CEO Takes Position on Board at Boeing

US HEALTH benefits company Aetna is shutting down its operations in Casteleisland, Co Kerry, with the loss of 100 jobs.

Only three years ago it announced an expansion in Castleisland supported by Government agencies.

The company is involved in a cost-cutting exercise globally and is outsourcing its international service operations.

It wants greater flexibility in downsizing or upsizing workforces and also to be nearer emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East, a company spokeswoman said yesterday. However, the spokeswoman said the decision on the 23-year-old Castleisland facility was “by no means” a reflection on the cost of doing business in Ireland or on its local workforce.

In total, 300 workers globally are affected by the cuts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and the US, as well as Ireland.

Only three years ago Aetna announced an expansion of its Kerry operation, supported by Government agencies.

Loss of 100 jobs as US health insurer Aetna closes facility in Co Kerry - The Irish Times - Wed, Apr 20, 2011


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