What happened here is an imbalance between the number of retirees and employees with the ratio, and thus the retiree benefits would not be sufficiently imagefunded.  This is a good thought to keep in mind when outsourcing or at least I thought it was, so don’t outsource to the point to where you don’t have enough money coming in for retiree benefits. 

He argued back that outsourcing the jobs was set up to stop layoffs, in other words employees without benefits it sounds like.  It was the same people working, just not on the government payroll and constant contributions are needed by employees to keep it all rolling.  Somebody needed some better accounting algorithms here.  BD  

VIERA — Brevard County officials will start charging Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman's office monthly payments to offset a projected $196,425 health insurance shortfall triggered by his privatization of 127 jobs.

Last month, Needelman outsourced more than 30 percent of his benefits-eligible work force to an Orlando staffing firm, thus removing their premiums from the county's self-insured group health plan.

Needelman's outsourcing of jobs prompts health-insurance shortfall | FLORIDA TODAY | floridatoday.com


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