Well we certainly found out the big number of companies that Triad private label imagemanufactures for and there were quite a few to include Pfizer and now we can add one more to the list.  The lot numbers are quite a few and they are the “wipes'” again infected with bacteria. 

FDA Moves in on Triad and Seizes $6 Million Dollars of Product-The Medicated Wipe Recalls Issues Continue - Triad is an Outsource for Several Fortune 25 Companies

What a mess this has been and gee if consumers, doctors, hospitals and so on would have been able to use a smart phone to find recalls products lots, how much easier this could have been.  One thing with this recall from Triad we found out they private label for tons of companies, and thus they too also had to put out recall alerts for their products, after they figured out if they were affected.  Smith and Nephew are probably known for the best in quality right now out there for hip and knee implants and they backed out of an offer from Johnson and Johnson to be purchased not long ago. 

FDA Gives 510K Clearance for a 30-year Knee Replacement From Smith and Nephew

CVS and Walgreens should join my cause here as this is just simply “tech denial” and nobody wanting to do a thing about it.  I have sent this to drug companies, the FDA, the DEA and several other deaf ears. This is costing the retail stores money too!  Again, a good reason for them to join the cause here.

This isn’t just a J and J deal anymore and see what was on twitter about this not too long ago, everyone liked it! 

Medical device maker Smith & Nephew Inc. is recalling more products made by the Triad Group Inc. of Wisconsin, saying they could be contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.

Smith & Nephew is a global distributor of medical products and devices. Like many others, it contracts with firms such as H&P Industries to make some of its products. Mary Heather, a Smith & Nephew spokeswoman, said that company notified the FDA about the new voluntary recall on April 6, citing the potential for contamination with Bacillus cereus.

Recalled products include REMOVE Universal Adhesive Remover Wipes, UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover Wipes, SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes, PERI-PREP Protective Wipes and NO-STING SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes. The affected product codes are 420400, 420471, 59420425, 403100, 402300, 59403125 and 59420600. Click here for specific lot numbers.

More potentially tainted medical products recalled - Health - Infectious diseases - msnbc.com


  1. I don't work in the device industry, so I'm not familiar with Smith&Nephew. But this post presents Triad's failures as an affront to Smith&Nephew in particular. If Smith&Nephew are so good, then why were they (apparently) ignorant of the problems at their contract manufacturer (Triad), who had repeated significant 483 observations over a period of time? The quality systems regulations (21 CFR 820) require oversight of contract manufacturers. Sounds like Smith&Nephew (and many other companies!) weren't controlling their supply chains.


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