Somebody forgot to check the automated repair system as well as move patient imageappointments.  I think if the appointments had been moved, no automated calls would have gone out.  Pharmacies at hospitals were closed so no prescription refills were given out today.  If you have read the news, then you know how bad off the government is financially in Illinois.  The County has 5 days a year in which they will close all operations to save money.  BD 

Some Cook County health system patients received phone calls confirming appointments set for Friday, only to show up for their visit to find the hospitals closed as part of a money-saving government "shutdown day."

The Cook County Board approved five government shutdown days as part of the budget this year. The idea was to save money without cutting county jobs.

Sharon Taylor, who showed up at Stroger to fill a prescription, said she didn't get the message that the pharmacy would be closed Friday

Sixteen county clinics were scheduled to be closed Friday, including pharmacies, labs and hospital-based specialty clinics. Emergency rooms at Stroger, Provident and Oak Forest hospitals are open, as is the urgent care walk-in clinic at the Fantus Health Center.

Cook County 'shutdown' a pain for some hospital patients | WBEZ


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