This can be a real time saver without having to search the internet or an insurance page to verify eligibility.  I know all of the Office Ally products work together and the appointment schedule would have the co-pays and other pertinent information on their schedule but this also looks, if I am reading this correctly that there are options to connect other systems to automatically check for eligibility too, since it is all web based with perhaps an HL7 interface. 

With the rate at which insurers change their algorithms, contract changes and just patients having to change insurers, this looks to be a nice time saver.  BD

Press Release:

VANCOUVER, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Office Ally announced today the introduction of a new automated eligibility checking service that is designed to save time, money and resources for participating physicians and their office staff. This new and much-needed product is the latest addition to the complete suite of affordable Internet-based solutions Office Ally offers to providers nationwide.

“Physicians’ offices spend a lot of time verifying insurance, confirming co-pays and asking non-health-related questions to patients at time of office visit”

“Physicians’ offices spend a lot of time verifying insurance, confirming co-pays and asking non-health-related questions to patients at time of office visit,” said Brian O’Neill, Office Ally president and CEO. “With our new product all of this can be handled seamlessly, inexpensively and accurately before the patient ever arrives; and that’s a big benefit for everyone.”

Physicians subscribe to the Office Ally product for a low monthly fee and then connect their system to Office Ally’s secure Web-based program. When the office staff arrives each morning and goes to their appointment screen, a notice automatically appears confirming patient eligibility and specifying the co-pay for each individual patient. In addition, eligibility checking settings can be controlled from a global, patient and appointment perspective making it totally customizable for each office.

According to O’Neill, primary care physicians, specialists and alternative medicine providers such as chiropractors and acupuncturists can all benefit from this new program. “Today, more than ever, healthcare providers are looking for ways to save money through efficiencies and the intelligent use of technology,” says O’Neill. “This product achieves that goal and allows the physician and staff to focus all of their attention on patient care, which is where it belongs.”

Office Ally is the only organization in the country to offer providers a full complement of revenue cycle management services including a patient portal, electronic health records, a practice management system, a clearinghouse, a billing service and now automated eligibility checking. All of these programs are offered to providers for minimal fee or no charge. In fact, providers who participate in the billing service launched in September receive for free Office Ally’s electronic health record and practice management system – which includes eligibility checking and patient reminder tools.

Founded in 2000, the company currently works with more than 150,000 providers and 4,400 insurance carriers in all 50 states. It also houses eligibility for nearly 400 IPAs and small health plans. Its complete suite of interactive asp, Internet-based solutions include a patient health registry – Patient Ally™, electronic health records – EHR 24/7™, practice management – Practice Mate™, clearinghouse, and case management – Case Mate™. All of Office Ally’s products and services are offered at minimal or no cost to providers, with training and technical support available 24/7. Further information may be obtained at

Office Ally Launches New Automated Eligibility Checking Service for Providers | Business Wire


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